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The classic “Gaffel Koelsch” is a particularly fresh specialty beer from Cologne, brewed according to a time-honored family recipe and the German Purity Law of 1516 with water, malt, hops, and hops extract. The delicately bitter, pleasant, slightly hopsy taste is characteristic of this traditional product and clearly distinguishes “Gaffel Koelsch” from all other “Koelsch” brands.
With our Gaffel cellar-barrel-system, which has an uninterrupted cooling-chain from the nearby brewery storage up to our brewery tap, we can guarantee that you will enjoy Gaffel Koelsch in the classic 0.2 litre Koelsch bar always brewed fresh by 6° to 8° Celsius drinking temperature.

Get something extraordinary for yourself or the persons you love. You will find our small yet well sorted Gaffel shopping paradises at the Dome.
There we present many items round about Koelsch, gifts, accessoires and textiles.

There is a limited choice of Gaffel Kölsch products available in our brewhouse "Gaffel am Dom". For more gifts, accessoires and textiles please use our Online Shop.

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Saisonal fan-glasses of the 1. FC Köln

Traditional Kölsch-Glass of the Footballclub 1. FC Köln - annual edition with 6 glasses.

13,95 €


SCHWESTER HERZ is steeped solely using 70 % natural juice of German red currant and alcohol from „Gaffel Kölsch“ double destillation. The refreshingly fruity-sweet treat and the zesty note is the result of only 15 vol. % alcohol.

19,90 €

One 5 litre party keg

Gaffel 5 litre party keg

13,00 €